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User Pain Points – The Telco Focus

Worldwide, Telcos have 2.7 billion mobile users and growing. This means an explosion of customer data – usage, browsing, app installations, content use, feedbacks, and complaints. This is creating several stakeholder challenges, especially when it comes to improving customer experience.

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Monetize Your Data With Cadenz

Multi-channel and disparate customer data need to be consolidated, to create personalized engagement for the customer, across all touchpoints, improving customer experience.

Cadenz helps engage with various segments of users – churned, dormant, and active – to increase retention, drive app usage, and boost revenue per customer.

Value Proposition With Single View Of The Customer

Cadenz improves the quality of experiences with robust customer profiles.

Having a full view of your customers, their purchase history, and browsing behavior enables companies to build behavioral models. These can be used to deliver relevant and contextual offers to customers at different touchpoints in their journey boosting conversion.

Introducing Automated Behaviour Discovery For Telcos

Cadenz is the market’s first Customer Intelligence Platform, providing Telcos live behaviour intelligence about its subscribers, using its data automatically.

Telcos can reduce customer friction by deriving value from customer data with simplified AI and behaviour models.

  • AI-based intent discovery and categorization
  • Intent Search
  • Automated micro-segmentation and look-a-like subscribers identification

Exploring Telco Success Stories

Globe Telecom

  • Globe  now tracks 500+ behavioural attributes for every subscriber to give a complete view to service agents and to monetize through partner merchants & brands.
  •  TheDataTeam has brought to It is a cloud-based customer intelligence platform to extract behavioural insights from first and second party customer data. Cadenz is native to cloud  and on prem infra and analyses the billions of customer interactions witnessed by businesses daily and brings a more scalable, modular and high-performing customer analytics platform to your service.

Let Cadenz Personalize Your Customer’s Experience

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