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Challenges For Today’s Bankers

Today, a 360-degree insight about each customer is crucial to bring the right banking/financial products to the customer, at the right time, coupled with the right offering. Failing to realize this is failing to understand customers and subsequent challenges to improve revenue per customer and the setback against the competition.

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Understanding Customers With Cadenz

Digital era has pushed banks to become customer-centric from traditional product-centric approach – an extremely challenging task with rapid shift in customer expectations, new technologies, and agile competition.

Cadenz helps address these challenges, with customer intelligence enabling stakeholders to understand customer insights and engage them at the right place and time.

Right Offers – At The Right Time

With candez, bankers can provide contextual offers across different customer touchpoint.

Deploying hyper-personalization live, an established business directly increases the only metric that matters – revenue per customer.

Desired Impact
Derived With Benefits of hyper-personalization

Get live contextual personalized recommendations and customer behaviour trends in real-time.

  • Behavioural trends
  • Micro-segments
  • Customer look-a-likes
  • Channel integration
  • Offer matching

Exploring Banking Success Stories


  • * New line of business (working capital lending) enabled by analyzing current account transactions (now disbursing more than Rs. 400 crore every month) * Operational efficiency due to algorithmic automation using ML (3-5 days down to 3 hours)
  • Internally, within the solution, various algorithms were used in the processing of information present across the financial statements, including different dates associated with business processes, the narrations, and the counterparties. Transactions were further classified using a combination of fields by applying ML models.

Let Cadenz Personalize Your Customer’s Experience

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